Brad House

IT Manager. Developer. Sys Admin. Network Architect. Tech Geek. Entrepreneur.

Open Source

I’ve contributed to several open source projects over the years and am the co-author of the mstdlib C standard library and maintainer of the c-ares asynchronous DNS library. 

Linux Expertise

I have been using Linux since 1999 and have used it as my primary desktop and development system since.  I have a large amount of experience with developing on Linux and deploying hardened linux systems with DevOps tools such as Ansible.

C Developer

Programming is not only my career but my hobby and passion since age 12, in the era before the dawn of the internet.   I enjoy constantly learning new skills, and sharing my knowledge with others.  While I’ve created applications and libraries in many languages, C is still my first love, and the one I always find myself going back to.

Other Interests

Network Architecture

Routers (Juniper MX), Firewalls (Juniper SRX), Switches (Juniper EX. Cisco IOS, Mellanox + Cumulus Linux). IPSec VPN, OpenVPN, VLANs, Zone Based firewalls, BGP, OSFP, IPv6, Interface Bonding.

System Administration

Linux (CentOS/RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian), Ansible CI/CD. Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL). Authentication (FreeIPA/Kerberos/LDAP). SELinux. System Hardening. PCI Compliance.

Virtualization Infrastructure

I believe private clouds give you more control over your performance and uptime than using public cloud providers and can be more cost effective when using technologies like Linux KVM, Proxmox, and Ceph.

Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Shell (BASH)


Having Co-Founded Main Street Softworks, Inc, a payment processing software development firm in 2001, managing people and projects come with the territory. You quickly learn that people are your best asset and treating them well (benefits, salary, work environment) pays off in the long run.


System and Network hardening are core requirements for any business. Firewalls must always protect the edge from the internet and systems with no need for inbound or outbound internet traffic must be isolated. Proper monitoring and system hardening to prevent against known and unknown flaws are crucial.

GitHub Resources

My most commonly used github repositories are below